If you are a marketer, you depend on effective content to reach and serve customers. However, we’re now experiencing a tsunami of change in the ways such content can be created and distributed. Change may be good, but it can be filled with risk and confusion.

You can either view the following news as fortunate or unfortunate, but the reality is this: We’re just now in the early, early days of a long journey into what the ultimate channels of content distributions will be.
Change can be linear, but always look for something to come along that will explode the “paradigm” you anticipate.
For example, today on BusinessWeek.com, Ben Kunz examines how a battle between Google, Amazon and Apple over digital content “ecosystems” will present a challenge to marketers for the foreseeable future.
Google is just a decade old. Amazon is about 15 years old. The Apple Macintosh is 26 years old. Yet it is a battle between these companies, and not the media and telecommunications giants of the past century, that are most likely to determine what the future of content distribution looks like.
Change is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fun.