The jury is still out on how the iPad and other tablets will impact what has been a struggling magazine industry the last few years, but Wired editor Chris Anderson has a positive outlook on the potential of the tablet to change the industry. Why is Anderson so confident in the opportunities tablets will create for magazines and content marketers? He shared the following insights at the American Association of Advertising Agencies’ Transformation Conference in San Francisco last week:

  • User Experience
    For Anderson, tablet’s unique functionality such as the 360-degree views and screen sliding, collapsing and layering are big wins for users.
  • Engagement Measurement
    Measuring print magazine advertising has been based on the CPM model, but Anderson thinks tablets will change this mode of measuring readers’ reach. Tablet technology will allow every element that a reader interacts with and touches to be tracked, which provides powerful data for publishers, marketers and advertisers.
  • Reader Recruitment
    Anderson believes that tablets will recruit new readers to magazines.
    “The tablet is a better vehicle for customer relationships,” he says. “It’s not a distribution platform, but a presentation platform.”