We hear it all the time: Companies who treat their websites as “brochure” sites and then wonder why they don’t have more visitors. According to this content marketing post from Talk Back Media, “your site should be like a salesperson working around the clock to boost your business”—and a brochure site will simply not cut it. The goal is to create content on an ongoing basis that continues to tell the story of your product or service. It doesn’t matter what form the content takes—it can be through blogs, white papers, case studies or people pages—it just has to be vibrant, relevant and regularly updated. This discipline not only makes your site more attractive to search engines, but also to site visitors. They’ll have an incentive to come back to the site more often if they know the content will be different every time and of interest to them because you have set yourself up as an expert and a trusted source.

Talk Back Media provides three tips on how organizations can create great content that will function like a member of their sales team:

  1. Share a valuable message that makes people want to listen.
  2. Attract people to your company.
  3. Offer knowledge that reflects what your company knows and instills trust in your company.