At Hammock we work with clients to create content that works–content that solves specific business challenges. But how do we know what content will work for each client? There are some universal content marketing rules to follow, as Rex points out in his “Content That Works” series, but sometimes learning what not to do is just as helpful to guiding strategy decisions.
Here are five areas where sees marketers make mistakes when it comes to their content marketing plans:

  1. Not including a content marketing specialist in your online marketing meetings.
    All content should have a purpose. Your content marketing strategist should monitor all content to make sure it fits within your agreed-upon content marketing strategy.
  2. Writing copy solely for the purpose of search engine rankings.
    You want your content to be optimized for organic search, but Google and the other search engines will not reward you–nor will your other site analytics–if your content is not clear and reader-friendly.
  3. Deleting large chunks of content without checking with the content strategist.
    Savvy content marketers and strategists use keywords and other methods to create content that will attract visitors. Be sure to have the content strategist approve changes to pages that have already been approved to confirm they are in line with the overall content strategy.
  4. Not uploading pages in a timely manner.
    It is a huge waste of time and energy to create content and then have it wait in a queue for someone in IT to post it. Establish an efficient process for posting content.
  5. Tweaking titles without checking with your content marketing strategist.
    Titles are another SEO must-have, so it’s critical that your content marketing specialist guides their creation and execution. It’s a small but essential part of the process of ensuring that all content marketing efforts are coordinated, and goals are achieved.