To flourish in today’s marketplace, an organization must go beyond selling products and services. They must help their customers do something better or be something better.

Great companies don’t focus solely on generating transactions; they help customers accomplish what they sought when purchasing a product or service.


The Customer Journey

A long-term relationship with customers is based on an understanding of the customer journey. However, it’s important to note that the word “customer” can be applied to two distinct groups: shoppers & owners.

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How media and content  can support steps along the entire customer journey

At Hammock, we believe when customers are shopping, marketers should provide helpful, research-oriented information that assists them in making the right purchasing decisions. Buyers’ guides, product comparisons, and customer reviews are some of the most effective ways to serve your audience at this point in their journey.

How effective is post-sale direct-to-customer media?

According to recent research from Nielsen, 68 percent of shoppers trust customer opinions and reviews, and 52 percent trust the information they find on companies’ branded websites. Compare those with the percentages of shoppers who trust search ads (35 percent), ads in social networks (31 percent) or banner ads (28 percent)*.

During the owner phase, customers need the types of media and content that help them better understand and more effectively use your product or service. Video tutorials, online classes and various types of how-tos can help you turn an owner into a fan—even an evangelist. Such helpful content not only builds long-term customer relationships, but it also can lessen the need for call support, one of the things customers say they dislike the most.

At Hammock, we work with clients in developing direct-to-customer media and content that serves and supports customers at the specific place they are in their journeys—and that leads to long and loyal relationships.