As a nod to all of the professional journalists who are turning to content marketing for job security, Clare McDermott of Junta42’s Content Marketing Institute gives us six things we can learn from these former newsroom junkies about content marketing. They all are great and make perfect sense, but here are my favorites:

  • Remember that you are reporting a story, not marketing a product.This is huge, and it really is the difference between folks actually reading the content on your site and rolling their eyes as they navigate away from your site.
  • Schedule consistent pitch meetings.We’re content experts and we hold a weekly meeting to come up with new, fresh ideas for our Hammock blog.
  • Institute strong editorial guidelines. Just because it’s on a website or a blog doesn’t mean it can be messy. This is especially valuable if you have more than one content contributor. Make sure everyone posting knows how to cite a source. (And proofread, please!)