It comes quickly. Here we are just 24 days into the new year and already were supposed to be depressedreally depressed. According to a British psychologist, Jan. 24 is the most depressing day of the year. Here in Nashville, we love to sing songs about feeling blue, but some of us around the office dont agree with the British shrink. Were a pretty happy bunch, despite the gray days, freezing nights, and pasty faces. Here are some reasons why Jan. 24 makes us clap our cold hands together:
I love taking walks in the evenings when it’s not to cold but you can still smell the lingering odor of wood burning fireplaces. It reminds me of childhood.
-Patrick R.
This is a great time of the year for doing things like cleaning our barn, cutting dead limbs and clearing fencerows. Mainly because creepie-crawlies are at a minimum, and it’s cold, so you don’t get weary from the heat. It’s also great sleeping weather. I do get depressed when it’s wet and miserable and cabin fever sets in.
Because Jan. 27 is my half birthday!!!! It’s a joke, people. I’m not THAT obsessed with my birthday. (Note: the box decorated with balloons next to my desk is for presents).
I love wearing sweaters, and since they are dry-clean only, I can wear them a couple of times (at least three) without doing lots of laundry!
I am NOT a winter fan. It’s cold and rainy, and there aren’t any fresh tomatoes to be had for months. The only good thing about Jan. 24? Just 23 days til pitchers and catchers report.
Summer weighs in from Austin, Texas, where it’s 70 degrees today. We have no sympathy:
I love this time of year because the warmth of the sun and the cool bite of a soft breeze make for a perfect afternoon walk with the dogs. January also brings chocolate Italian cream cake to our house. We have several family birthdays in January (a couple on Cole’s side, a couple on mine), so we all get together for a day in Gruene, Texas, for some live music, good food and great conversation. And the leftover cake always makes it back to our house!!!
barbsdogToday is special because ten years ago, we adopted Neyland, our dog. Despite his muddy paws, he is a great way to cure mid-winter depression!
I hate this time of year. Or maybe I’m just down because the bill for my New Year’s trip just came due. But to be a good sport, I love this time of year because it’s movie award season and you know how much I love going to the movies.
I love cold weather in general. But there needs to be sunshine. I don’t care how cold it is, as long as it’s sunny.
I love this time of year for its silence–the calm after the storm called Christmastime. And I can start counting down the days to my birthday (only 115 days left!!)
I love wearing turtlenecks and eating chili. It just doesn’t taste as good in August.
I like the way the silhouettes of leafless trees looks against a winter sunset.