The ancient Babylonians reportedly were the first to start making New Year’s resolutions some 4,000 years ago, with the most popular being to return borrowed farm equipment. Though people all over the world have been breaking their resolutions ever since, some of the Hammock crew decided to give it the ole college try.
Bill: I resolve to take my first rides in a helicopter and on a Jet Ski, and to enter a dance competition. UPDATE: I entered my first (and maybe last) dance competition Jan. 21. Won a few rounds, too, and got some ribbons. Kinda like taking first place in the county fair pickle contest.
Barbara The Production Director: Mine is to use clipless pedals on my bicycle and not to fall with them. So far, I’ve done three rides without falling. Plus I’m cutting back on sweets.
Shannon: To call my grandmothers more often.
Natalie: To stop cursing.
Laura: I normally eschew New Year’s resolutions but last year I tried a couple and they worked out great. So this year I’m going to resolve to choose colors and get my house painted. And hey, while I’m at it, I’ll resolve to keep my house as organized as it is right now, after being at home for a week.
Megan: To get rock-hard tasty abs. (OK, so I got that idea from a Tenacious D song.) Oh, and to finally fix my old clamshell iBook.
Rex: To get rock-hard tasty abs. No, wait. Megan said mine already.