One of the biggest keys of successful Internet marketing is posting fresh, original content as often as possible. But do you ever struggle with doing this day after day? If you’re feeling uninspired, give these 5 R’s of content creation from a try:
1. Research. Before writing, use Google to research phrases that people use to search for your topic. This will give you ideas about hot topics as well as keywords to use in your content. Visit popular forums to get an sense of what people want to know about your topic.
2. Rearrange. Develop an outline to help you organize your thoughts and set the tone of your piece. Start with bullet points and then flesh them out into full-blown paragraphs.
3. Reveal. Humanize your content by sharing anecdotes or adding personal touches. Share stories or offer examples that help your readers connect your content to their situation. Don’t be afraid to get visual, especially with technical topics.
4. Read. It’s always good to have someone else proof and critique your content, but if you’re the sole editor, print out a copy and read it out loud. This will force you to double-check every word instead of letting your mind “autosuggest” words that aren’t there. If a word looks funny, look it up, especially if it’s a term spell-check wouldn’t catch!
5. Revise. Be as creative as you want when you sit down to start writing and save your critical side for later—when it’s time to polish your first draft.
Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re on your way to becoming a professional copywriter!