We’ll be sharing several “food diaries” here this summer.
Here is Rex’s from 2006.

When we’re not out running, TeamHammock is all into food. And we’re especially into food that is part of the locavore movement.

What’s locavore? Well, for one thing it’s a word so cool that the New Oxford American Dictionary selected it the 2007 “word of the year.”

To quote the word watchers:

“The locavore movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow or pick their own food, arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better.”

Since 2007, the word locavore has given way to the easier to explain term, “local food.”

And that’s the food TeamHammock is pulling together to support these days.

We’ll be posting here about lots of local food related activities we’re involved with. We’ll be posting photos and videos of the gardens many of us are busy planting. And we’ll also be posting videos and photos of the food boxes we receive by participating in a Community Supported Agriculture program.

For this post, I’ve embedded above a slide-show of my first (2006) effort at Square Foot Gardening. Well be creating several of these “Local Food Diaries” and posting links to them here on TeamHammock as we move through the planting, growing, harvesting, cooking and eating seasons.

And at least one member of TeamHammock, Lisa Ask, is maintaining a blog to chronicle her impressive garden. (Did I say impressive?)

Check back here often, as we’re growing our gardens — and sharing our ideas about local food — rapidly.

As for now, here are some links to whet your appetite:

Find farmers’ markets, family farms and other local food sources near you:


Nashville & Austin (Places that are local for TeamHammock):


Austin Farmers’ Market

Sunset Valley Farmers’ Market

Edible Austin: A quarterly publication promoting local food in Austing and Central Texas. (Sidenote: Edible is a magazine franchise concept. Here is a list of other communities you’ll find the magazine.)


Nashville Farmers’ Market (On Twitter: @nashfarmmarket)

Local Table: A guide to food and farming in Middle Tennessee.

Our friend Carrington Fox’s first Nashville Scene “Bites Blog” post about her “urban garden.”