The Hammock offices are often buzzing with the sound of interviews. Voices asking questions across tables and phone lines, getting the information we need to write awesome stories for our client publications.
But recently we decided to turn the tables and interview each other. We don’t expect these interviews to make it into any award-winning publications, but we did learn a lot about each other and about ourselves as a team. For instance:

  • We drink a lot of coffee. A lot.
  • Megan eats too much candy
  • We are great collaborators.
  • As technology- and gadget-crazy as we are, sticky notes and spiral notebooks still rock.
  • We like to work to music. And we like quiet.
  • Bill is a morning person. A very early morning person.
  • Julia is not.

You can find these Day in the Life interviews on our people pages. Just click on your favorite employees’ faces (it’s okay to admit you have favorites) and read on.