A recent study shows that U.S. consumers are “more likely to respond to content marketing than other forms of online marketing,” according to this recent article from Vertical Leap. Specifically, the study indicated that content marketing generates a greater response than banner or pop-up advertisements, email offers or sponsored links.
For those of you already integrating content marketing into your overall marketing strategy, whether with a blog, company e-newsletters or Twitter, your reaction to this study is probably “Well, duh.” And rightly so. Content marketing, when done right, just makes sense.

Consumers are smart, and they recognize good, engaging content when they see it. If they can learn something new or come away with something of value after interacting with your business via your content marketing strategy, they’re going to remember it — much more so than they would from an annoying pop-up ad on a website. Now, that’s not to say advertising doesn’t have value. But in terms of making a long-term, personal connection with your audience — whether current or potential customers — content marketing is where it’s at.