It’s been a little over a month since Apple’s iPad was released, and while the full effect of the device will not emerge for quite some time, a few content marketers have shared their first impressions of the device.
Rex recently outlined his thoughts about the iPad, touching on the debate among early adopters regarding whether or not the iPad is “good for creating content.” Google Docs are read-only on the device, but the Keynote app allows you to create an entire presentation.
And while he doesn’t view magazines as a medium that needs saving, he does believe that the iPad “provides lots of opportunities for magazine companies who do something other than replicate magazines on an app.”
Over at PM Digital, they asked their digital bloggers for first impressions of the iPad:

  • Tim Kilroy: “It means your presentation layer just got cooler, and more transparent. The opportunity to create impact and engagement just increased.”
  • Anthony Avolio: “Marketers must actively consider touch interfaces when planning their designs… While the iPad is just one device, it’s likely the start of a new mainstream push for touch interfaces.”
  • Glenn Lalich: “The iPad just gave email creative a dazzling shot in the arm… And it didn’t cost marketers a cent.”