Hammock Publishing President and Founder Rex Hammock recently was interviewed by Peter Beisser from Publishing Executive magazine, where they discussed Hammock Publishing’s foray into innovative online media, as well as how Rex’s personal blog, Rexblog.com, has become a staple in the RSS readers of magazine industry folk.

“The president of Hammock Publishingムa Nashville, Tenn.-based custom publisher of print and online media, including 60 award-winning recurring titles created for various corporate and associationsムuses his digital soapbox to talk about industry news and offer links to interesting headlines on the Web. Heユll also post observations about other completely unrelated things that engross him as the day goes on. Hammock jumped onto the Web in its earliest days, and in the years since, he has worked to incorporate his love for online media throughout his entire organization.”

It’s no surprise to us here in the office that Rex is being featured as a go-to guy for conversational media discussion—he encourages our own involvement in the blogosphere, and he’s pretty much obtained celebrity blogger status in many circles.
Read the full interview online at Publishing Executive.