This weekend John Lavey and I both participated in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon, which, combined with the full marathon, brought 32,000 people to Nashville this weekend. From my location at the start line (about 20,000 people back), I could see Hammock Publishing headquarters, and for a split second considered just coming up here and watching it on television. But you see, spending almost four months bragging about how you’re running 13.1 miles at the end of April pretty much precludes you from chickening out. That, and fellow Hammorati Barbara Greenfield and Allison Lund were camped out at miles 3 and 6 respectively to cheer us on. I couldn’t let them down. Thanks guys!
John finished in 1:38:46, and I crossed the finish line right behind him (or some 9,500 people behind him) in 2:27:05.
In addition to running it for himself, John ran with Team Rio, benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, which, with a little help from Hammock Publishing’s corporate sponsorship, raised more than $100,000 this weekend.
In the Monday morning meeting, Rex suggested we put together a Team Hammock for next year. Kerri Davis, who walks every morning before work, offered to coach the speed-walkers, and Barbara Mathieson said to count her in for the running team, even if she has to use a cane to cross the finish line. And Julia Boklage is already planning the Hammock cheering station.
It’s 363 days away, but I think I can already tell that next year’s race is going to be the best one yet.