farmers insurance
By Rex Hammock, CEO

The term “campaign” is used in many ways, in various contexts.

A political campaign is the process candidates must successfully follow to be elected to a public office. A military campaign is a series of battles that are part of a larger war. An advertising campaign is a coordinated series of advertisements, typically using several media channels, that are tied together with a complementary style and personality. Each type of campaign reflects a recurring commitment, discipline and multi-pronged approach to success.

Think of the long-term, disciplined insurance advertising campaigns that have helped to propel their products and brands to long-term success: Progressive’s Flo, Allstate’s Mayhem, the GEICO gecko, Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley for Nationwide, and the Oscar-winning spokesman for Farmers, J.K. Simmons.

Over time, these campaigns have accomplished several near-impossible goals. They have softened a product that can be associated with injury and destruction, a product that most people rarely want to think about. But through a rigid and practiced campaign model, each has succeeded in building awareness and generating leads. (Of course, it also helps to have advertising budgets that can exceed $1 billion.)

View content marketing as a campaign.

To increase the effectiveness of your organization’s investment in content marketing, elevate and expand your understanding of its role. Stop thinking of content marketing as an array of ever-changing puzzle pieces; instead, start viewing it as a cohesive campaign that grows and evolves and becomes a central focus of your company, organization or brand. Over time, such campaigns can become content and communication hubs for your brand and your various products.