Earlier this year 20|20 Research approached Hammock with the need to drive more qualified leads to its salesforce. We were already working with 20|20 executing an online content strategy with a clear objective: to position 20|20 Research as a thought leader in its industry while improving their organic search results on relevant search terms. This work included the management, creation and measurement of blog posts and research content for their online Learning Center.

20|20’s assignment to Hammock was to assist them in gathering contact information from potential clients that have a specific need for executing qualitative research.

Hammock and 20|20 collaborated and determined that to meet the objective of identifying new qualified leads we should create an eBook about qualitative research. We worked together to identify a topic for the eBook that would grab the attention of market researchers. After much debate, we settled on the idea of helping the audience save money on online qualitative research. We then developed the editorial slate for the eBook, which consisted of developing five articles. The remaining process involved editing the content and developing a search-friendly title: “How to Save Time and Money on Your Qualitative Research Projects.” We optimized the eBook content for search before the final step in production, which was the layout. We approached the design mindful of the eBook’s audience and the content itself, resulting in an inviting, reader-friendly eBook ready for launch.

The promotion of the eBook was treated like a new product launch over a period of weeks—accompanied by press releases, blog posts, an email campaign, marketing on 20|20’s website (2020research.com), and promotion through 20|20’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Interested individuals provided their contact information in exchange for access to the eBook, which was delivered to them via an email link.

20|20 has been thrilled with the response of the eBook and it’s ability to meet the objective for the project. In the first seven weeks after the initial eBook was launched in April 2011, it was downloaded by 400 people —most of those downloads happening in the first 10 days of its release. Of those 400, 35 percent are brand new prospects.“This is the single best lead generation we have ever had,” says Steve Henke, president of 20|20 Research. “It has been amazing.”20|20 has also reached new contacts at existing clients, “which further strengthens those relationships,” he adds. 20|20 was impressed with the strategy, the quality of the content, and even the ability of the eBook design to prompt action. “We have clients telling us that the design just made us want to read it!” Henke says. Since the creation of the initial eBook, Hammock and 20|20 have collaborated on two new eBooks. An eBook on mobile qualitative research was published in August 2011 and one on hybrid qualitative research was published in November 2011. The eBooks continue to help 20|20 meet their objective of identifying quality leads for its salesforce.

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