Kudos to Junta42’s Joe Pulizzi for appealing to burger freaks and content geeks all at once. He took a very long but interesting (not to mention mouthwatering) article about Five Guys Burger and Fries from this month’s issue of Inc. magazine and turned it into lessons about content marketing. One of my favorites:
Never cut corners on content. Your customers will notice: “Jerry (Murrell) and Five Guys gets potatoes north of the 42nd parallel because they grow slower and are more solid,” Pulizzi says. “They soak all their fries in water so they won’t absorb any oil when they are fried. The beef is never frozen and all burgers ordered are fresh. My favorite: always two slices of tomatoes…no matter what and even in the current tomato crisis. That’s Five Guys secret sauce. Your content marketing must be different in some way. I’m getting tired of all the sites I go to that simply just aggregate content all day or say the same thing as everyone else. How does that help your brand story?”
The others are equally thought-provoking. Thanks, Joe!