When a visitor arrives at one of your landing pages, it’s critical the page is designed to make it easy for the visitor to perform a desired action. These actions can be varied—for some of our clients it can be to fill out a form or to watch a video. For others, the action can be to spend more time on the site, clicking to other pages. Good, relevant content makes these actions happen and we help clients create this type of content that meets their goals. Michele Linn of socialemailmarketing.eu has some great tips for how content marketers build better landing pages:

  1. Create user-focused copy.
  2. Minimize distractions on the page.
  3. Limit the registration information you require.
  4. Include an opt-in option for your email newsletter.
  5. Ask where the reader learned about your offer
  6. Include testimonials.
  7. Create customized landing pages.
  8. Offer sample content.
  9. Write copy that can be easily scanned.
  10. Test.