In what is billed as the “First-Ever BtoB Buying Survey,” researchers found that potential purchasers increasingly are forgoing the traditional buying model in favor of combing social media sites for content that provides information and application results about products and services.
The survey, called “Transforming the B2B Buying Process“, was conducted by DemandGen Report, a G3 Communications Publication.

According to the survey:
· 65% of respondents indicated they used social media as part of their research;
· 43% followed online discussions to learn more about a topic/challenge;
· 38% posted questions on social networking sites looking for suggestions/feedback;
· 21% connected directly with potential solution providers via social networks.
In addition, business owners are putting more emphasis on relevant content to help address challenges, even if they aren’t planning an immediate purchase.
“This is where solution providers have the opportunity to help guide the discussion by providing relevant content and responding to the buyer’s needs in real time,” said Scott Mersy, VP of Marketing and Products for, the underwriter for the BtoB Buyer Transformation Survey.
The study is yet another validation of Hammock Inc.’s foundational belief that, though snazzy graphics are a valuable part of the online experience sizzle, businesses are hungry for the steak. Or, to put it more simple, it’s Content That Works.