When Editorial Director Jamie Roberts isn’t jet-setting around the globe, she can be found working on her organization skills and planning her next fabulous trip to some distant land. I snuck in on her today to ask a few questions about how a typical day goes for her.

What do you reach for when you need an afternoon pick-me-up?
I walk around the office stealing food from people. Sometimes I ask nicely.

What communications medium helps you the most during the day?
Yelling like I live in a barn. No, just kidding, I like the IM. And the email. And the InterWebs. Still, when I need to solve a bigger problem or figure out a challenge, few methods are better than picking up the phone or sitting down for a face-to-face.

What is the last thing you do before you leave the office every evening?
Four times out of five, I harass Ben to help me with a last-minute design project. He loves me.

How do you divide your time each day between projects? Do you set aside specific hours to work on certain things, or do you just play it by ear and see what needs the most attention?
I usually start my day with a neat little plan to work on certain projects, but a lot of time those plans get waylaid and I have to go to where the hot projects are. I aspire to be as organized as Barbara or Lena or Summer or Natalie or Julia or Lisa … wait … am I the MOST unorganized person around this place???

If you could pack everyone in the office up and take us to work (and play) in your favorite travel destination, what would it be? Why?
The people in this office are ridiculously talented and hard-working and creative. I think a team of us could make a huge difference on some important projects going on in Haiti. Then I’d take us all to Paris, London or Greece for a party. We also really know how to throw a party.