Marketing Director Barbara Logan is one of the most organized people I’ve met and/or worked with—ever. Being someone who thrives in a certain amount of chaos, I looked forward to getting an inside peek at her daily routine here in the office.

What is the first thing you do when you get into the office each morning?
Each night before I leave I print my list of to-dos for the following day. It’s one of my favorite iCal features. Sometimes I even rank them in order so that they will prompt me in the morning. So when I arrive each morning I get a glass of water, get a handle on my inbox and then take a look at my list to see where to focus my attention first.

What communications medium helps you the most during the day? (IM, email, the phone)
All three! I like the instant help I can get from IM when I might be on a call and need a quick answer from someone. But I like email for the record it creates. I have a LOT of email folders and subfolders that I constantly refer to.

How do you divide your time each day between projects?
I try to work through things in order of their urgency. The flow of work generally sets how I divide my time, although I am usually jumping from one thing to another all day. I don’t mind though—it definitely keeps things interesting and makes the time fly by.

What three software programs do you use every day and could not live without?
I use some of the basics everyday like Excel and Word, which while functional, aren’t that exciting. On the other hand, while I don’t rely on them every day, Keynote and Skitch are must-haves for me when working on presentations or with images.

What is your favorite non-electrical tool you use for work?
Post-it notes because I really like lists.

Thanks, Barbara! I’m going to go check out these “to-do lists” that you speak of…