ht-resourcessource-cover-1One of the country’s leading healthcare group purchasing organizations, HealthTrust helps its member hospitals obtain industry-leading prices on quality products and services used in the care of patients and in facility operations. But HealthTrust doesn’t just stop at providing its members the best price. In a competitive field, the organization’s leaders recognize the need for adding value to its relationship with members. HealthTrust has developed a strategy to add such value in the form of content-enabled resources and events that have transformed marketing into a form of education.

For HealthTrust, this new model of marketing doesn’t focus on getting members to purchase more. Its goal is to provide supply chain leaders with the information, insight, and resources that enable them to be current on healthcare products and services and best-practice approaches that improve both hospital operations and patient care.

e-feature-sourceEach year, HealthTrust’s annual conference brings more than 2,200 key decision makers from its member hospitals together with representatives of more than 250 of the top suppliers in the health-care field. They are joined by leading analysts and experts in supply chain management, healthcare executives, pharmacists and clinicians from a variety of disciplines. Branded as HealthTrust University to underscore the educational focus of this event, the three-day conference also includes more than 60 breakout sessions, many providing attendees with professional continuing education credits.

HealthTrustSource-1The HealthTrust University brand also provides a media platform — conference, magazine and digital media — through which the organization can foster learning and knowledge-sharing among the decision makers at member hospitals and industry representatives.

HealthTrust has gone beyond being a mere marketplace for medical products and services. Today, it is growing into a center of unique learning and information-sharing, and it stands committed to making its members smarter and more effective at their professional responsibilities.