“The Internet is an increasingly effective weapon in your arsenal of communication tools,” said public relations guru Molly Cate at a recent Nashville American Marketing Association meeting on the topic of e-Campaigns. Cate and Kristen Hayner shared tips on how to maximize Web publicity and navigate communication plans online, especially if your business is ever faced with a crisis. Here’s a list of their online communications Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Define your goals and assess your landscape at the start so you are ready to play
  • Be candid and transparent
  • Approach each opportunity as a conversation
  • Be flexible
  • Hire an expert
  • Experiment with the online platforms


  • Speak in corporate-ese
  • Wait until your Web presence is a problem
  • Succumb to the speed of the Web and feel pressured to respond to opponents immediately
  • Underestimate your input online with the social media tools available

We at Hammock don’t specialize in crisis communication, but we do have expertise in the social media tools—or ammunition—that the speakers endorsed. We share the same thought: Whether you are an association who wants to communicate more directly with your members, or a company who wants to engage their customers, it’s time to hop online, get connected and join the conversation.