A common failure among organizations is to forget all of the touch points one’s members or clients have with their brand, and the opportunity the organization has to capitalize on those engagement opportunities. What does that mean for today’s marketing and communications professionals? As we continue to be bombarded with millions of competing marketing messages, it’s important that your organization successfully breaks through the clutter. Here’s how you can make your organization’s marketing stand out:

Take inventory: Evaluate those communication vehicles already in place. Include magazines, newsletters, e-mail newsletters, annual reports, e-mails, Web site, direct mail, event promotions, advertising, telemarketing efforts and sales materials in your assessment—and be willing to discontinue those that aren’t working.

Revisit your logo: Is your logo representative of your organization’s mission and culture? If not, it might be time to consider investing in a new logo to reflect your brand more effectively.

Be consistent with print and online products
: Make sure that all of your print and digital media products share a common design template. This includes the use of fonts, sizes, headers and overall aesthetic.

Create a style guide: If your organization does not already have one in place, author a rulebook of standards for editorial and design work.

Police your communications: Assign a member of your team to be responsible for monitoring all outgoing company communications to ensure that your organization’s guidelines are applied before the messaging goes out the door.