Organizations like yours are likely extraordinary at a couple of things: providing a service, manufacturing a product, building advocacy or creating value in any number of ways. Is publishing and managing media one of those things that you do better than anyone else?
It’s not just a matter of identifying your core competency. It’s a matter of cost.
Here are five ways working with a custom media company will save you money:

  1. Staffing/Overhead Savings
    Publishing magazines, creating content for websites, developing videos and managing social media communities require people, and usually a number of them. Custom media companies have all of the necessary editors, designers, Web 2.0 and production people on staff who can handle multiple projects at a time. Once compared, overhead savings can be substantial.
  2. Printing and Production Saving
    Many custom media companies handle a large number of print projects and therefore have the expertise, the relationships and the volume of work to deliver significant discounts to their clients. For instance, Hammock was involved in the production of more than 50 million individual magazines in 2008. That means savings for you.
  3. Consolidation Savings
    Custom media companies should be experts at the management of third-party vendors — printers, photographers and freelance writers at a minimum — but able to provide most of the scope of the work with internal staffing. Complex media jobs, like the printing of a magazine, or the management of a social media community, are most efficiently handled if one shop is managing all the various elements for you.
  4. Innovation Savings
    Delivering an efficient workflow process or sharing best practices for all the different forms of media is something that companies like ours should provide. An example of this is how Hammock has been able to work with printers to develop creative postal strategies for mailing magazines that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to clients over the years.
  5. Revenue Generation
    If the best defense is a good offense, developing more revenues is the best way to offset or cover costs associated with the creation and distribution of your media. Custom media companies have experience selling advertising and integrated packages of your media assets. This experience can be leveraged to promote your unique value proposition and sold to third parties who want to engage your audience. Our company is experienced at taking a set of client revenue expectations and exceeding them.