Our client’s magazines were being delayed once they entered the Bulk Mail Center. The magazines were entering a facility that served a large area of the heavily populated northeastern United States, but the magazines weren’t making it to our client’s members’ homes for three or four weeks. They were being transported from postal facility to postal facility to postal facility until they reached the local post office for delivery.
While participating in a webinar on postal concerns, I learned about a company that co-mails magazines together. We worked out a plan where:

  • Our client’s magazines would be picked up at our printer, who would have them sorted by zip codes
  • The magazines would be shipped to a center where hundreds of other magazines would be pooled together into mail streams by ZIP codes
  • These large bundles of magazines would be directly trucked to USPS distribution centers close the subscribers’ homes
  • The magazines arrived at the local post offices quicker and were delivered within 7-10 days after leaving the printer’s dock.

Plus, the client paid less in postage or postal freight.