It’s impossible not to get hooked on The site provides historical data on housing purchasing prices and allows you, with a few clicks, to discover not only what your neighbor paid for his house, but also the purchase price of every house on your block. You can further feed your curiosity with the “Zestimate” feature, which provides an estimate on the value of your house today. It’s not hard to see why its site traffic last month was more than 10 million unique monthly visitors.

The folks at pointed out that in additional to having a desirable service, Zillow follows some content marketing best practices that can serve as a guide for others. These content marketing tactics include:

  1. Lots of blogs: While Zillow has a corporate blog, managers and other employees create content for their individual blogs, too.
  2. Staff videos: Zillow’s video profiles of many of the senior managers make the staff appear friendly and accessible.
  3. Re-purposed content: Employee photos are next to FAQ answers, giving a warm personalized touch.
  4. Active social media: Zillow’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated frequently with newsy items, fun celebrity home details and user contests.

And if you’re wondering how the company got its name “the Zillow name evolved from the desire to make zillions of data points for homes accessible to everyone,” according to its site. “And, since a home is about more than just data — it is where you lay your head to rest at night, like a pillow — Zillow was born.”