I just added a link to Hammock’s list of articles related to social media, magazines and everything that we love about what we do. We do this every day as a way to share articles that we think are interesting, important, informative or sometimes just plain funny as they relate to our work. It’s called bookmarking, and it’s quickly becoming a popular way to share, interact and drive traffic to your website.

An article I read last week really breaks it down.

“If you bookmark a link today and within ten days from now 1000 others also bookmark it, the bookmarking sites treat you as an authority on that particular subject because others follow whatever interests you.”

Not only does bookmarking help to make you an “authority,” it can also help add fresh content to your website. If you blog, many services like WordPress offer a plugin or widget for your bookmarks.

Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are just a few of the most popular bookmarking sites. Add us to your network on Delicious. We’d love to see what you’re reading about right now!