Tweeters at Hammock Inc. share their favorite apps
You probably already know that we love Twitter! So last week when the conversation turned to what tools use to tweet, there were several votes for favorites.

Megan M.: On my iPhone I use Twitterfon… far superior to any of the other apps I have tried (I think I’ve tried three or four others). I love that you can tab between your feed, direct messages and replies without having to have them all on one screen (like many other apps require).
I’ve been on Twitter since March 2007, but only in the last month have I used an actual app for it on my desktop. I always used to access it through my browser, but when I got a second account I needed something that would facilitate switching between the two easily and with little chance of tweeting from the wrong account. At Rex’s suggestion I started using Nambu, and I absolutely love it. I tried Tweetie, and while it looks nice, it’s just not as fluid and has a few bugs that annoy me too much.
I think my addiction to Twitter is obvious to anyone who follows my (original) account. When my husband and I got married (secretly–nobody knew), I tweeted the news before we called most of our friends to tell them.

Lena: I use Tweetie on my phone, and just when I’m checking in from a computer. Tweetie was recommended by a friend (and the name is awesome).
I am not addicted to Twitter yet, but I find myself checking into Twitter more than Facebook now (I blame the quizzes!). Also, the favorite person I follow now is @MrPigglesWorth. He’s a landscaper in Lebanon, Tenn., with really helpful tips. And since I’m new to gardening (with the new house) pretty much everything he tweets is helpful to me!

Megan P.: I recently downloaded Tweetie because I was having a hard time keeping up with everyone’s tweets. I follow a number of NPR programs and a few writers from the New York Times, and I hate to miss their links to news stories. Tweetie keeps everything clean and uncluttered, so I find it much easier to scroll through my contacts’ tweets without missing a beat. Also, you can install the Tweetie bookmarklet to your Web browser so if you see something on the Web that you want to share with your followers, all you have to do is click the “Post with Tweetie” tab and a window will pop up with the link.
I haven’t compared Tweetie with other Mac applications, but I had friends tell me that TweetDeck made their computer run too slowly, so I decided to go with Tweetie instead. I don’t Twitter from my phone at all. That’s a new level connectivity that I have yet to reach. Downloading an application made me feel like I might be addicted, but since I don’t tweet from my phone, I feel like I don’t need a rehab program yet.

Emily: I connect to Twitter via my desktop. Haven’t figured out how to do it on my Blackberry yet. I’m on Twitter, but am still figuring it out. I enjoy reading tweets from my favorite random celebrities (Maya Angelou, Neil Diamond, etc.). But I think you have to not only be an active participant, but also have lots of friends participating to make it fun—and I still haven’t gotten to either place yet. Plus, I’m long-winded, so the 140 characters is a challenge for me, but who knows maybe it could make my writing more succinct!

I, too, am a Tweetie fan. For desktop use, it’s the app that I find most easy to use for the multiple accounts I keep an eye on. Right now, I go back and forth between Twitterfon and Twitterific on my iPhone. I plan on adding Tweetie to my iPhone arsenal very soon though.
To give us even more Twitter-app food for thought, Mashable recently gave us the 411 on 25 different apps for managing multiple accounts. There are several on their list that sound worth trying. What’s your favorite?