Our CEO, Rex Hammock, has been blogging regularly since 2001. And he’s made a bit of a name for himself out there in the blogosphere. [He kills us for saying stuff like this. No, not “blogosphere.” Well, he doesn’t like that either. But he doesn’t like us bragging on him.]

Back to the bragging: Well recognized for his magazine and digital media savvy, Rex runs in some heady circles, at least via the Rexblog. So we weren’t surprised to see that Junta42’s Top Content Marketing Blogs list ranks the Rexblog as #13. Lucky 13, I say.
Rex wrote an interesting post today on the term content marketing. He takes a little issue with the semantics, but don’t be alarmed. If Hammock Inc. can help you tell your story, the rest of us don’t care what you call it.