A recent article on Kiplinger.com says that the number of adult Internet users who have a profile on an online social network site has more than quadrupled since 2005 — from 8 percent then to 35 percent now.

But as author Amanda Lenhart of the Pew Internet Project points out, using social networks online is still a phenomenon of the young: 75 percent of adults 18-24 use these networks, compared to just 7 percent of adults 65 and older.

The findings also show some other very interesting facts:

  • Personal use of social networks is more common than professional use.
  • The median age of a Facebook user is 26.
  • Nine in 10 say they use social networks to keep in touch with friends.
  • MySpace is still the preferred social networking site with 50 percent of adult users having a profile there.

Ahh, to be 26 again.

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