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Our Jamie Roberts is “on the ground” at the Inauguration festivities and is blogging her impressions of the event. She and millions more are adding their individual voices — and photos and videos and maps — to the conversation of this historic event. In addition to listening to Jamie, here are some other ways to monitor the online conversation related to the inauguration of Barack Obama, 44th President on the United States.

The Official Inaugural Committee is using conversational media: The Presidential Inaugural Committee‘s website is covering all the events, officially, on their site and on YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. are trying to integrate as much conversational and social media as possible using their “iReporters” and a Facebook app that will stream video and chat w/ your friends during the speech. One big experiment to check out is: “The Moment,” which will use Microsoft’s “Photosynth” to morph together into a single image the thousands, or tens of thousands, of photos from all different angles of the moment at which Obama in sworn in.

The ‘Tag’ for monitoring the Inauguration conversation: On all the social media sites, i.e., Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, etc., people who are creating content and talking about the inauguration are being encouraged to tag their content with inaug09. For example, on Twitter, you can go to and search the tag, “inaug09” (with or without the “#”) and see a steady stream of “tweets” from around the world. (We’ve created the widget on the left that displays the most recent “tweets” displaying such a tag.)

Flickr: In addition to the inaug09 tag, there is an Inauguration 2009 Group that is filling up with photos taken by those attending the inauguration. (I’ve embedded above a widget that display recent photos posted to it.)

Mashups: There are lots of interesting Google maps user-created mashups. Here’s one that displays on a Google map the location of YouTube videos being posted. The person who created it also produced this drive-through of the Inauguration parade route using Google Earth (and some really bad music).

(For more ways to follow the inauguration online, visit RexBlog, where I’m keeping a running list of inauguration-related online activities that are making me go Wow!)