A number of us here at Hammock are real political junkies. We’re all over the spectrum, politically, but we share a love of politics, media, and the crazy things that happen during campaigns and elections.

For a number of years, we’ve shared our political enthusiasm with our clients at the National Federation of Independent Business — the nation’s leading small business association. This year has been no different. Our campaign work with NFIB started months ago, and we’ve worked on a number of election-related projects with them — all designed to raise awareness of small business issues during this campaign. For one fun project, we created an election countdown widget for NFIB.com.
For true political geeks, today’s the best day of the year. We’ll be glued to the computer, cell phone and TV til the wee morning hours. Best of all, growing media use of social networking tools means you can follow the action wherever you are. Rex is keeping a running tally of fun election tools over at the Rexblog.