Everywhere you turn today companies are encouraging you to follow them on Twitter. And it’s not just the big national players like CNN who promote themselves on the social media tool–it’s local small businesses too, which I was reminded of just last week. At a fundraiser I struck up a conversation with caterers from Sweet 16th, my favorite bakery in Nashville. During our quick chat they explained how they are making bread now and chimed in, “Follow us on Twitter so you can find out which breads are available each day.”

While promoting their daily breads is a great way for a bakery to incorporate Twitter into its content strategy, some organizations might not find such an obvious way to connect with their customers and prospects . Don’t worry: Content Marketing Today.com shares five ways companies can make Twitter part of their content strategy:

  1. Share your best thinking concisely to deliver quick, obvious value.
  2. Monitor and interact with conversations that take place within your niche markets.
  3. Follow and familiarize yourself with critical trends in your market.
  4. Create interest groups for others who are passionate about issues that resonate with your customers and prospects.
  5. Extend the reach of your blog posts onto Twitter automatically.