At the end of last year, we used a Hammock tradition, our annual Hammock T-shirt, to celebrate our passions—and yours. What do T-shirts have to do with passions? The work we do for our clients helps them connect with the passions of their customers, members and others, and so we wanted to use our T-shirt project to show how personal passions create communities. We created a community for our clients and friends to share their passions: We invited them to send us a link, photo or video that would help encourage readers and viewers to learn more about their passion.

Over the last month, we’ve seen our community grow with members from all over the country. The passions are diverse—from raising chickens to running to supporting animal rescue groups to playing the harmonica to cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers to storytelling. Thanks to all of our friends who have participated and joined our community.
Haven’t sent us your passion yet? E-mail a description of your passion (a quote, link, photo or video) to [email protected]. We still want to keep adding to our community. We’ve got a few extra T-shirts left, so if you’d like to participate, e-mail us (including your size) and we’ll try our best to get one to you. Check back and watch the community grow.