One of the major obstacles to implementing a B2B social media marketing plan is skepticism that social media are a passing fad, without foundation. Ironically, it often happens that when a business does start building social media awareness, it doesn’t take the time to lay that foundation.
In her brief essay, “The Four Pillars of Social Media Marketing,” Liana Evans points out that social media marketing takes work, both pre- and post-launch.
It really doesn’t “change everything” (let’s hope we never hear that phrase again), because it must be approached like any other kind of marketing – with research, strategy, engagement and measurement.
The tools and media are different – just as mass print media, radio, TV and Internet were different in their turns – but the methods are the same:

What does your audience want/need to hear, what and how can you tell them, how can you keep them coming back for more, and, how is it working?
In the end, the essential haven’t changed since Homer spun out the Odyssey in exchange for his supper, or Scheherazade (right) told her tales in exchange for her life.