As Twitter continues to roll its new “list” feature, they’re quickly becoming a popular tool for users. Not only can you create your own lists to help you keep track of groups of people you follow (although your lists can include Twitter users you don’t follow too), you can also follow the lists that others create. For example:

  1. New to town? If you’re relocating, you won’t have to look very far to find great lists of city-based Twitter users. Local lists created by other Twitter users will give you a good snapshot of activity and the people to follow in your new hometown. For example: Rex and 125 other folks are followed on a Nashville list curated by Jenni Leeds. That’s 126 opportunities to make new local connections.
  2. Web content. At Hammock, we’re already showing how Twitter lists can become great content on a website by creating an entire new section on Each day we’re featuring a list of a different city’s Twitter list using local merchants, shops, cafes and entertainment venues. It’s a great way to get a feel of small business in that town without going to the trouble of even setting up a Twitter account. (Also, you get to see Twitter-only special bargains.)
  3. Local news. If you want a one-stop source for getting news from multiple sources, a simple list is all you need to create. Regina Davis keeps such a news list and with one click can be updated on the news around her.
  4. Industry peers. Twitter has always been a valuable tool for staying connected to professional peers all around the country (and the globe). Linda Owens recently created a list of her counterparts from the association industry.
  5. Coworkers. Rex keeps a “Hammock Inc.” list where the tweets of employees show up in one spot. It’s easy for him and others to keep up with us with just one click.
  6. Experts. Over at, we also keep a list of “influencers” in the small business world. These folks are at the top of their game when it comes to small business marketing, startup and news.
  7. Humor. I’ve been included on a list of people with “cool hair” that was created by Wesley Faulkner. Now that’s just fun!

“I’ve always viewed Internet list-building a great service one person can do for someone else — and some very entertaining content,” Rex says. “For example, I have some people I turn to for curating new music I might like — who make it easy for me because they create their lists on the iTunes Store.”

Having an understanding of “list curation” as a service or personal expression can make it very easy to see how powerful Twitter Lists can be. It’s especially great for a person who doesn’t want to “tweet” but who will now be able to have a better understanding of the power of Twitter.