Your magazine — whether it is a custom magazine, member magazine, consumer magazine or b2b publication — is on Twitter. So now what? Here are six ways that you can utilize Twitter as an integral part of your magazine’s web presence:

Share articles. When you post new articles to your magazine’s website or find those related to your magazine and the passions of your readers, share them with your followers. A URL shortener (like, urlzen or tinyurl) will help you share the URL and still be able to make the most of the 140 characters that Twitter allows.

Engage and interact. First of all, follow folks back — especially those interested in your magazine’s focus or your industry. Don’t just use your magazine’s Twitter account to push web links and articles, make sure you’re engaging and interacting with your followers. Ask them questions, reply to theirs, get their opinion.

Brag. If someone you’re following tweets a compliment about a recent article from your magazine, a writer or a photograph, that is the perfect item to consider retweeting. It lets the rest of your followers in on the compliment, and it’s one more way to interact with those you’ve connected with on Twitter. Retweeting someone lets them know you’re listening.

Do something special. Offer special subscription discounts for your Twitter followers, give away t-shirts or share links to members-only content. A tiny token of appreciation is not only fun for your followers, but it is just one more way to engage them and get their attention.

Find sources. You probably have an extremely diverse group of followers from all over the country — if not the world. If you’re looking for sources for articles, your biggest fans and creative contributors might be waiting for you in your followers list. Reach out to them with the opportunity to be featured in your magazine. You might be surprised at the wealth of information and inspiration your followers can be.

Promote something new. If you’re be changing your body font or cover banner, or adding a new section to your magazine, share that news with your Twitter followers. It could help create some loyalty in your followers by helping them to feel “in the know.”