When we work on custom publications for our association and corporate clients, we always keep the interests and passions of their members and readers in mind. According to a recent study, those readers are taking notice.
The Roper Public Affairs and Media/Custom Publishing Council study — Americans’ Relationship With Customer Publications and the Companies That Provide Them — was released in March. The 2009 report is an update to a study conducted in 2005 and an examination into Americans’ thoughts and feelings about electronic publications.

Overall, readers across the country think very favorably about custom publications. Here are some highlights of the 2009 study:

  • In almost every segment of the study, Americans express positive reactions to custom publications and the companies that offer them.
  • There have been gains in the impact custom publications have on purchasing decisions. For example: Two-thirds say they are likely to buy from the same company that provides them with a valuable custom publication. And two-thirds of the study participants say they have tried a tip they read in a custom publication.
  • Half of the survey participants indicated they are so attached to the custom publications they receive that they would be miss them if they were discontinued.
  • Almost 70 percent say they like the custom publications they receive because they have articles and information specific to their interests.
  • On the electronic front, Roper found that electronic publications are currently lagging print: While 59 percent of respondents said they at least pick up and look through the custom publications they receive, only 36 percent said the same about electronic publications.

If you have questions about how a custom publication could help you help reach your members, clients or readers, contact us.