Our client, NFIB, believes strongly that the decisions voters make on Election Day at the polls will have profound effects on their lives—and that the effect is even stronger for those who own or work for a small business. That’s why we dedicated more than half of the pages of the October/November 2008 issue of MyBusiness, the magazine we publish for NFIB, to the election—specifically to the information small business voters should be armed with before making those important decisions on Nov. 4.
For those still trying to make sense of the issues and where the candidates stand, we compiled the reader-friendly Voting for Small Business feature, which outlines the issues (think healthcare, taxes, energy and labor) affecting small business and both Sens. John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s positions on them.

We also celebrate those small business owners who served as delegates to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this summer in our second feature story, View From the Floor. The conventions are something all Americans are familiar with, but probably only from the comfort of their homes. The business owners we talked to offer a neat perspective on an event most Americans think is reserved for celebrities and big-time campaign donors.
For those readers who are out of bright ideas on how to lower their soaring energy costs, we replace the light bulb over their head with the energy-saving hints in this issue’s MyBusiness Manual. Since most of our suggestions would also get the green seal of approval, this issue makes a great resource for environmentally-conscious small business owners as well.