When we started researching the cover feature for the August/September issue of MyBusiness—”The New Frontier: Top technologies to plan for in the coming years”—we weren’t really sure what to include. What’s cutting edge to some people might be old hat to others. That’s how we picked the tech concepts we did: Each of them could speak to someone who’s new to technology and the Internet (hard to believe that’s possible, huh?) as well as to those people who have been online and plugged in for years.
Through the small business owners who have embraced these technologies, we show how these various tools—from social networking to mobile technology—can help transform the way you run your business.
This issue (like all issues of MyBusiness) is filled with ways to transform the way you do small business—from improving loyalty by keeping an open-door policy with clients to choosing the right direction in the midst of a turning point to keeping key employees from being wooed by your competition.