There are mobile apps, video, social media and online content. Oh, and the magazine itself. Magazine readers want their content, and they want it the way they want it.
A recent article on on the topic came as no real surprise to us.

There was a time not too long ago when the magazine publishing industry seemed a bit confounded by how to best utilize the newfangled delivery option called the Internet. Now, publishers are ramping up their content and output to be in multiple places and multiple formats… In fact, there have been 171 new digital initiatives across all available platforms announced by the consumer magazine members of the MPA so far this year, according to the organization.

And it’s not about technology:

“It’s less about new technologies and more about learning the appropriate ways of using already existing platforms to distribute content,” says Ashley Parrish, senior Web editor at Marie Claire.

What do you think: Do you want your favorite magazines in their usual shiny, slick format? Or are you ready for the next generation of magazine content?