In just a few days, we’ll celebrate Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, an event that has always ushered in new leadership with great pomp and circumstance. We thought it fitting that American Spirit‘s January/February cover story chart the history of this event that is one part solemn occasion and one part big, festive party.
It’s interesting to note that President-elect Obama will be sworn in on the same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used. This issue also celebrates Honest Abe’s upcoming 200th birthday as we check in on the numerous historic sites planning commemorative events and look back on his legacy as a leader.
Furniture lovers–and wannabe craftsmen–will also enjoy this issue’s story on crafting a Colonial-era Windsor chair. Our very own Rex Hammock spent more than 60 hours building one during his week at the John C. Campbell Folk School in southwest North Carolina. Although the experience didn’t make for the most relaxing vacation, the process of creating something beautiful from raw wood proved to be an inspiring journey. Take a look at Rex’s full story, or view a slide show and some video of him building the chair.