Healthcare reform is not the most exciting topic, but it’s an important one, and it is covered extensively in the June/July 2009 issue of MyBusiness, the magazine we publish for the National Federation of Independent Business.

Congress is expected to move quickly toward sweeping healthcare reform by the end of the year, as requested by President Obama. That’s why we dedicated our cover story, “Curing the Healthcare Cost Crisis,” to this very important but complicated topic. In the story, we cover all angles of the healthcare reform debate—including employer mandates and a public, government-sponsored option—and explain their intended and unintended effects on small business owners.
Speaking of unintended consequences, many small business owners who go after and win government contracts or grants find out there’s a lot more to them—usually paperwork and labor requirements—than they initially thought. In our feature, “The Search Is On,” we walk readers through the government grant and contract bidding and winning process and provide them with the tools they need to decide if government work is right for them.
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