Hammock is proud to be playing a role in the world’s largest quilting event, the International Quilt Festival, going on today and this weekend in Houston. More than 30,000 attendees to the prestigious festival will be receiving a copy of the September/October issue of American Spirit, the magazine we publish for the Daughters of the American Revolution. The issue features a preview of the DAR Museum‘s festival exhibit, “DAR Presents: Quilts of a Young Country.”
In addition to the cover story of the issue celebrating quilt art and spotlighting the 20 DAR quilts on display at the festival, Hammock also designed several ads for The Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution (TSDAR) to run in the festival’s program.
“I’m excited because the DAR quilt exhibit promotes the preservation of a part of our American heritage that is very connected to our families and is connected generationally,” says Jill Brooks, exhibit co-chair for the TSDAR. “Perhaps because it’s tactile, there seems to be something special about quilting and the fact that it’s passed down through generations. There’s a comfort factor involved.”
Congrats to the TSDAR for its part in a “show that even Hurricane Ike couldn’t stop!” Here’s to a great festival!