Soon (though not soon enough), winter weather will start to disappear and spring will be ushered in by budding plants and flowers and, for the green thumbs among us, the first hints of a garden. We thought it appropriate to kick off American Spirit‘s March/April issue with a feature on growing a heritage garden. Maureen Taylor investigates the significance of Colonial-era flower gardens and provides steps to help amateur gardeners create a modern version of an 18th-century garden in their own backyard.

The early American era also has a lot to teach us about the preservation of food. Nancy Mann Jackson gives us an overview of Colonial food preservation and as well as the benefits of canning, pickling, and other methods for extending the bounty of a vegetable garden throughout the year.
If you’re like me, once warmer temperatures set in, you start dreaming up ideas for summer vacations. If a road trip sounds like your speed, don’t miss this article about Texas’ timeless El Camino Trail. Our own Emily McMackin explores the rich history of the trail and the preservation efforts of the Texas DAR, which has kept the 300-year-old El Camino trail alive for travel and history buffs alike.