We’re not sure what we were looking forward to most: the arrival of spring or the April/May issue of MyBusiness magazine. Both came on the scene recently as the magazine we produce for the 600,000 small-business members of NFIB reached readers this week. The cover story depicts an unlikely partnership: small business and the government. MyBusiness readers usually want the government to stay as far away as possible from their small businesses. But this story shows the benefits of working closely with Uncle Sam by scoring federal contracts.
The issue also looks at how the Internet has changed small business over the last decade. Can you remember life without e-mail? We sure can’t. The MyBusiness Manual covers the many ways outsourcing can be a boon for busy small-business owners. We also talked to a guy who will have your customers begging to be put on hold when they call your office. And of course, there’s the regular commentary from our favorite columnist, Harvey King.