There are history buffs, and then there are re-enactors. Obsessive about getting every historical detail just right, these dedicated men and women volunteer their time and money to re-enact important events in our nation’s history. Whether it’s a Revolutionary War skirmish or a War of 1812 battle, the re-enactors in the November/December issue of American Spirit, which we publish for the Daughters of the American Revolution, serve as examples of how rewarding this hobby can be.
The DAR Magazine National Chairman, Pamela Marshall, and her family have been dedicated Civil War re-enactors for 15 years. “Our oldest sons took this hobby to a new level and became U.S. Army Artillery Officers,” she says. “One served in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq.”
Ms. Marshall’s sons are two of the brave military service members American Spirit salutes this Veterans Day for sacrificing so much for our freedom and the cause of liberty around the world.

This issue also features a salute to four DAR members—Kathleen Henderson, Jill Knappenberger, Marjorie Mosier and Phyllis Provost McNeil—whose stories of service to country are inspiring.
The magazine staff enjoys bringing readers’ attention to the little-known stories of long ago patriots. In the September/October issue, we focused on Michael Kovats, who became a Revolutionary hero far from his hometown of Karcag, Hungary. After sending a letter to Benjamin Franklin offering his military services, Kovats bravely made the journey overseas and eventually went on to found what eventually became known as the U.S. Cavalry.
In the November/December issue, Dr. Daniel Marrone dissects the military career of Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene. Although Greene is one of our better known Our Patriot subjects, his biography holds some surprises. It was his ability to lead, strategize and hold troops together amid desperate circumstances—his dogged persistence to “rise and fight again”—that helped ultimately win the American struggle for liberty.
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