Although it’s only July, media planners in advertising agencies across the country are gearing up for their 2009 planning efforts. That means that we are in full media kit mode here at Hammock—creating, editing, designing and distributing the 2009 kits for our clients to have the kits in front of buyers when they begin their planning phases. If your magazines are supported by advertising, here are 6 of our media kits tips to keep in mind during your media kit development:

  1. Get input from your advertising sales reps
    Don’t assume you know what information needs to be included. Talk to the people who will be using the kits to make sure the piece has everything it needs to set your sales reps up for selling success.
  2. Check out the competition
    When media buyers are looking to reach a target, they are likely to consider a group of titles in the same category. Research what your competitors are including in their kits to ensure you are positioning your book accordingly.
  3. Make yourself easy to reach
    Contact information is some of the most important information to include in a kit. List contact information prominently on each and every piece included in your kit.
  4. Include your magazine specs
    The initial purpose of your media kit is to sell advertising, but once it is sold the kit still has useful information for the execution of the ad. Be sure to list your ad production specs, information and contact to facilitate the delivery of the ad to your production team.
  5. Post the kit to your site
    This will enable buyers to find you organically through search. Also, having the kit accessible online 24/7 helps planners who often like to cut and paste this information into their proposals.
  6. Reflect the design of the magazine
    To be consistent with the magazine brand, use the fonts, colors and images of your magazine. This helps media buyers make the connection between your kit and your magazine.